Surprise your loved one this Christmas with a tactical Christmas Gift

Gift a Tactical Christmas Gift to loved ones this Christmas

On important days like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and others, we select and give gifts to our loved ones. Most people don't think about its more serious repercussions because we do it automatically.

However, the gift we choose and the way in which we present it communicate a lot about us, our relationships, and the complex social networks in our neighborhood. Behind every perfect present, there are social, psychological, and emotional currents that are concealed. Giving has been a tradition ever since human society first emerged.

It could possibly be older, considering that our closest predecessors have shown a willingness to provide gifts. Researchers claim that in order to strengthen social bonds and show their thanks to others, cavemen would give presents such as strangely shaped rocks or animal teeth. As social structures changed, so did the gifts, which become more elaborate and pricey.

Why do we give gifts to others?

Given how important gifting is to our social structure, we offer gifts for a number of paradoxical reasons. Sometimes, like with Christmas or birthday presents, our culture makes this demand. Other times, it deepens and enhances relationships with family members and potential partners, and it can be done for a variety of reasons.

To develop and keep relationships

Gifts are typically given to develop or renew our relationships with others; as a result, they are a reflection of the donor, the recipient, and their unique relationship. We might communicate our feelings of gratitude and affection for someone by giving them a gift.

Some sociologists claim that in actuality, we only offer gifts to people we want to get to know better. In his book The Gift, French sociologist Marcel Mauss argues that refusing to provide a gift or accepting one essentially ends the relationship.

A sentiment of love and devotion

The idea of "symbolic interactionism," which maintains that people communicate by using symbols, holds that presents are somehow utilized to symbolize love and dedication between two spouses.

What do men, for instance, frequently buy as a token of their devotion to their partners? The capacity of flowers to symbolize romantic feelings through their fragrant beauty makes them a popular choice.

Symbolic exchange for communication

Have you ever been delighted by a gift? Or maybe you had the misfortune to obtain something that left you feeling dejected and discouraged. But why annoys you about this? The thought alone, and nothing else, is what counts.

Further investigation reveals that this is because we assign symbolic value to presents. This suggests that a gift you don't particularly like may be seen as being inconsiderate despite the giver's best efforts.

Gaining access to something in return

Because gifts represent our desire to build or strengthen a relationship, they call for some form of reciprocation. Modern sociologist Dimitri Mortelmans claims that receiving gifts creates a "debt-balance," therefore in order to avoid hurt feelings, the gifts must be repaid, which then begins a cycle of receiving gifts.

Giving too little or too much reveals your level of appreciation for the relationship and can humiliate the recipient. Giving too little reveals your lack of appreciation for the relationship. Therefore, a present should be repaid with something of about equal worth.

To Help others

Some presents are given with no thought of being returned. For example, we often give gifts to young children who are unable to return them or even to our pets. Despite the possibility that these efforts will not be reciprocated in any way, altruism may also be at play.

Love and appreciation are two of the key motivators for donating charitable gifts. Giving gifts for the benefit of others might take the shape of donations of money or volunteer service. Many theories try to explain why people behave in this way. Giving to charity supposedly activates the dopamine-dependent joy pathway in the brain. We give mostly because it makes us feel good to do so.

Tactical Christmas Gifts

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