6-1/2" Round Headlamp Black For Harley Davidson Bike

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VT MGF No: 49-0456
OEM No: 67701-35
Headlamp housing has guide logo and features a clear unmarked lens. Includes chrome rim, reflector and factory style riveting. Bulb is 6 volt 25 watt
*NOTE: Mount stud is coarse thread and center stud is coarse thread 3/8"-16. *NOTE: Has 12-24 thread rim screw. terminal block threads are 4mm.
EL 1936-1940
FL 1941-1948
G 1936-1957
WL 1936-1952

Replacement Items:
49-0906 - Parts Kit for Headlamp
33-0140 - 6 Volt Bulb
33-0141 - 12 Volt Bulb

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