Big Boar Mini Battery For Harley Davidson Bike

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VT MGF No: 53-0702
Big Boar mini battery can be used for custom applications that have limited space. A mini battery that packs big power is what we have here. Has 230 cold cranking amps.
This is a great 12 volt battery for custom applications. This battery is multi-positional and well suited for the custom builder. It will start larger engines but does not have a lot of reserve. It measures 5-7/8" x 3-1/2" x 5-1/16", and is maintenance free to fit almost anywhere.
Custom application

Type: 12 volt


Length: 5-7/8" Width: 3-1/2" Height: 5-1/16"

Tech Notes:
Charging information: Charge for 24 hours before using.
Battery terminals facing you + on left side - on right side

Replacement Items:
37-9373 - *UPDATE Replacement Battery Terminal Hardware Kit

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