Model 773 Competition Open Top Magazine Pouch

Model 773 Competition Open Top Magazine Pouch

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Utilizes The 90-Degree Adjustable Belt Loop 2 Sets Of Tension Screws Threaded Through Rollers For Greater Adjustment And Lightning-Fast Reloads Closed Low-Cut Front To Help Secure Magazine And Prevent It From Being Knocked Out The Front Of The Pouch Built-Up Channel For Clearance Of The Bullet During The Draw
Gun Fit- For Glock 20
Gun Fit- For Glock 21
Gun Fit- For Glock 29
Gun Fit- For Glock 30
Gun Fit- H&K USP 45
Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson M&P 45
Gun Fit- Springfield XD 45

Fit Code 53

Color Black

773 For Glock 20/21 STX TAC BLK RH

0.00 lbs

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