Seirus Hyperlite All Weather Glove Mens Black SM MD

Seirus Hyperlite All Weather Glove Mens Black SM MD

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The Seirus Hyperlite All Weather Glove in black is an ultra thin weatherproof glove. It is made from Polartec Apex award winning best product innovation fabrication. This ultra thin glove has a weatherproof liner, reinforced PU palm with a wicking lining to keep moisture away from your hands thus keeping you warm. The lycra cuff is not only comfortable, but functional. This is glove is half the weight of your normal winter glove, and all of the awesome


  • Polartec fabrication
  • Ultra thin and weatherproof
  • Reinforced PU palm
  • Interior wicking lining
  • Half the weight, all the awesome
  • 123

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