Weld-On XL Frame Hardtail For Harley Davidson Bike

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VT MGF No: 51-0984
Weld on hardtail with bracket is for stock frames with disc brake. Constructed of 1-1/4" tubing which compliments the original tubing of the stock XL frames.
This hardtail accepts a 14-1/2" long axle with a 3/4" outer diameter and stock rear wheel. The axle plate is welded onto the frame. DIY hardtailing is easy to install as the alignment is accomplished in the mount design provided. Welding should be performed by a skilled welding technician. Custom application for 1982-2003 XL. Order rear axle adjusters seperately. *Note: UPS may consider this part as packaged "oversize" for shipment, as compared to the actual weight, which will result in higher shipping costs.
XL 1982-2003


Top: 25-1/2" Bottom: 19-1/2" Outer Width: 11-5/8"
Inner Width: 11-1/4"

Tech Notes:
Suggested to use with #42-9917 or #42-9912 Chrome Battery Carrier Kit.
Suggested to use #20-4004 1-1/8" Carlisle Panther Rear Belt 136 Tooth.
Suggested to use #44-0148 Raw Rear Axle.
Suggested to use #23-0587 Replica Chrome Rear Caliper with Bracket and Brake Pads.
Suggested to use #51-0630 Frame Caliper Mount Set Left Side.
Suggested to use #31-0418 Rear Exhaust Bracket Chrome.
Suggested to use #37-0462 Chrome Steel Spacers.
Suggested to use #37-0889 Chrome Axle Nut Kit Acorn Style.
Suggested to use with #44-0545 Chrome Rear Axle Adjuster.

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