Wheel Bearing Puller/Installer Tool For Harley Davidson Bike

Wheel Bearing Puller/Installer Tool For Harley Davidson Bike

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VT MGF No: 16-0558
OEM No: 94134-09A
16 piece tool kit to remove and install wheel bearings.
Includes a 1" inner diameter wheel bearing puller, a 3/4" wheel bearing puller, a main body puller, a large and small bearing installer, installer backing plate, expander dowel, bearing, bolts, washers, and nuts. Tool permits easy installation and removal of sealed wheel bearings with standard wrenches. No press is required. The hardened steel tool is designed to protect the wheel and can be used with 3/4" or 1" inner diameter bearings equipped wheels. Order backing washer puller tool separately.
FXST 2000-2017
FLST 2000-2017
FXD 2000-2017
FLT 2000-UP
XL 2000-UP

Tech Notes:
Suggested to use with #16-1641 Backing Washer Puller Tool.
Required to use with #16-1641, Backing washer puller tool.

Replacement Items:
16-1371 - Wheel Bearing Installer Tool

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