Night Sticks and Tactical Batons

Night sticks and Tactical batons have always been close partners for military, law enforcement, and security personnel. These trusted partners always have your back. Although in the hands of an untrained person, they are nothing more than a club, for a trained professional, they are much more.

These multipurpose tools are great for intimidating, disarming, and gaining compliance from any hostile party. Making them a trusted partner of law enforcement bodies for more than a century.

Nowadays, they are even gaining popularity among the general public and outdoor enthusiasts due to their incredible self-defense applications.

Why Nightstick and Tactical Batons:

Nightsticks have a vast history as a trusted law enforcement partner, a testament to their effectiveness going back over a century. At that time, they used to be simple wooden sticks known as billy clubs, police day sticks, and nightsticks.

With time, they have experienced great changes and are now more commonly referred to as batons, police sticks, expandable stick batons, self defense sticks, police nightstick, and tactical batons.

Similarly, they now feature more innovative designs to combat diverse situational needs like tactical collapsible design for easier carrying and maneuvering.

Why Choose Our Nightstick

Our nightsticks are designed to meet the rigorous needs of military personnel and law enforcement officers. Sourced the best and made from the highest quality material to ensure they can accompany the armed forces in their every endeavor.

Our strict quality check ensures you get the best quality without any defects. While the large variety of options allows you to choose what suits you the best.

Comfortable Grip:

We know that comfortable grips are essential to ensuring the effectiveness of any baton. Hence, all our nightsticks are tested to ensure you get the most comfortable grip that eases the burden on your hand.

Easier Locking Mechanism:

Our expandable nightsticks feature easier lock mechanisms that are field-tested to ensure no mishap takes place when you need them the most.

Greater length  and Style options:

Our vast range of nightsticks offers a large variety of sizes. Ensuring you can easily find your desired length in your desired baton style.

Hassle-free returns:

When choosing a trustworthy partner like Baton, we know you only want the best that suits your needs the most. That’s why we offer 30-day hassle-free returns to ensure you only get what you need.

At STL Tactical, we got all your needs covered.

Features of Our nightsticks:

Enrich your baton experience like never before. Find your perfect match among our vast range of batons.

High Quality, Durable Construction

We set the bar high with our baton, constructed from high-quality and durable material. So, you can entrust your back to our batons without any worry.

Advanced Grip Technology:

All our batons use advanced ergonomic design to ensure that you can easily maintain a perfect hold of the baton while being comfortable over prolonged use.

Rapid Deployment

As a law enforcer, situations you face can change in seconds, our nightstick tactical batons ensure rapid deployment to help you face all kinds of situations.

Secure Locking Mechanism:

Prevents all kinds of accidental deploying problems by ensuring secure locking. Reducing the risk of falling into disadvantageous positions when in combat.

Our trusty field-tested nightsticks always have your back.

Our Best Sellers:

Having a hard time deciding the perfect match, here are our four best-seller nightsticks that match the needs of our other customers.


The first on our list is the most trusted nightstick model available in an expandible design. It features an anodized aluminum shaft with a knurled polycarbonate grip, making it sturdy, easy to grip, and easy to maneuver.

Easy flick action unlock and button release collapse design makes it convenient to use under all circumstances. While its positive lock feature ensures nightstick’s consistent state during confrontations and its trumble stop handle prevents this tactical baton stick from slipping out of your hands.


A smart choice for individuals who want to get high-quality tactical baton but at a more affordable rate. Built to withstand extreme wear and tear thanks to its robust, seamless alloy steel construction, so you never have to worry about breaking. Its high-grade heat-resistant rubber handle prevents slips and makes it comfortable to hold for longer durations. Its 8.5-inch retracted, and 21-inch elongated form makes it more versatile yet suited for all your self-defense needs. Lastly, it comes with its own unique holster for easier mounting on a police belt.


Designed by ASP, this baton features a high standard of excellence. Engineered with 4140 steel striking tip and 7075 T6 aluminum inner shaft construction, this baton is nearly indestructible. Not lagging far behind, its machine-chiseled, fine-line knurled spiral grooves design always ensures excellent grip. Adding to the benefit of concealment, thanks to its 8.125-inch retracted size, it is the perfect tool that can jump into action with a single notice. Lastly, its nexus belt clip enhances the grip hold on the baton and allows easier attachment to the belt.


For those who don’t wanna compromise with anything other than the best. Check out SX expandable straight Baton from Monadnock. Constructed with aircraft grade aluminum frame and black polycarbonate shaft, giving it unmatched sturdiness and durability. Engineered with an easy-to-use pin and string mechanism, which allows length adjustment with a single push of a button  Its innovative weight-forward shaft technology shifts the baton weight forward, ensuring that you get greater knock-down power with every swing.


Why are they called Nightsticks?

The name “nightsticks” has an interesting origin. back in the old days, policemen used to carry 12-16 inches batons in the day, due to lesser crime possibilities. But at night, they used to wield 21-26 inches batons to combat more serious crimes. This lead to the origin of name day stick and nightstick.

What Are Night Sticks?

Nightstick is the traditional name of batons used by the police and armed forces to disengage and seek compliance from the attacking or resisting party.

What Are Night Sticks Made Of?

Night sticks are typically made of rubber, wood, plastic, or metal. Modern nightsticks are made with steel, aluminum, and nylon fiber.

Are Nightsticks Legal?

Yes, night sticks are legal to own and carry in most parts of the united states. Still, some states like California declare it illegal to carry one around as it can be used to inflict fatal injury to another person.

Do police still carry nightsticks?

Yes, police do still carry nightsticks with them. but instead of like old times, when they were clearly visible. They now use more concealable types like expandable nightsticks that can be collapsed and concealed and easily carried around them at all times.