Hinged handcuffs

Hinged Handcuffs

Handcuffs play a great role in the safety of a police officer, a suspect, and even the bystanders. But sometimes, you just can’t afford the risk and require more reinforced protection. That is where a hinged handcuff comes into play. It functions like a normal handcuff but allows more restricted movement while being nearly unbreakable regardless of the force imposed.

Why Hinged handcuffs:

As its name suggests, a hinged cuff connects the two handcuffs with a hinge instead of a chain. Such that the detainee can only maneuver his hand in only one dimension. This is especially helpful when you have to deal with suspects who are highly intoxicated, extremely violent, or are too skilled to be left to normal handcuffs. A hinged handcuff not only restricts the movement of the hand but also does so for the arms, allowing for more control.

Why Our Hinged Handcuffs:

STL Tactical is your trusted source for tactical police gear. Our customers include military personnel, police forces, and law enforcement officers that .

Quality you can trust:

We take gret pride in provide on the best quality products that are field tested by us personally before they are shipped to you. We are always ready to go an extra mile for our customers.

Adjustable fit:

All our hinged handcuffs offer more than 20 locking positions and some even go as far as offering 30+ locking positions. This ensures that you always get an adjustable as well as comfortable fit every time.

Key Compatibility:

Our hinged handcuffs are compatible with the keying system used by the law enforcement forces. Eliminating the problem of having diverse range of keys.

Regulatory Compliance:

As a mind child of a law enforcement personnel, STL tactical ensures that all our products are compliant with the regulatory guidelines. Even the best quality equipment is of no good when you aren’t even allowed to use them.

30-day return policy:

All purchases and shopping decisions are not right, some are bought on impulse. Similarly, compatibility remains a big question mark unless one has tried out the product on his own. That’s why we offer a 30-day return policy to ensure you buy what you need.

Hinged Handcuff Features:

Hinged handcuffs are although similar in function to a normal handcuff, they are vastly different from in terms of features. Let’s dive into some of the more prominent features:

Double Locking:

The double-locking mechanism is a great addition to any handcuff as it locks the handcuff in a single place. Preventing both the tightening and accidental release in the middle of a mission. Protecting both the officer as well as the suspect.

Durable Construction:

All our hinged handcuffs are made with durable materials. Most of these are all steel construction or durable steel alloys. furthermore, they are temper and rust-resistant thanks to carbon steel, nickel, or EPP finish.

Spare key:

All our handcuffs come with two keys. This helps in case you lose one, you will always have a spare one in case of emergencies.

Enhanced Security:

Unlike chain handcuffs, a hinge handcuff only allows movement in one dimension, which makes it difficult to pick the cuffs. And it becomes practically impossible to do so when worn with keyholes facing the arms. Similarly, it also locks the arm action giving you more control over a suspect.

Our Best Sellers:

Smith & Wesson Model 1 hinged-linked handcuffs: an all-in-one option for all your restraint needs. Its oversized structure and more than 30 locking positions make it fit both the big as well as the small prisoners. Made with an all-steel construction with a nickel finish. Not to mention, push pin double locking mechanism for added security.

Model 300 Hinged Handcuffs: is a great option when you want a stylish but budget-friendly hinged handcuff. It complies with NIJ standard 0307.01. Constructed from durable carbon steel with a nickel or blue finish to prevent rust and corrosion.

Hiatt Oversized Lightweight Steloy Hinged Handcuffs: if you want a heavy-duty hinge handcuff but don’t want any of the disadvantages of the standard hinge cuff, then this one is for you. Made with lightweight yet durable steel and steloy construction while oversize makes it perfect for all sizes.

Uzi Hinged Handcuffs:  made by a brand that is trusted worldwide among the Army, Secret Service, and special forces. The Uzi-hinged handcuffs are made of high-tensile stainless steel using advanced tactical concepts. It features a double locking mechanism, nickel-plated rust, and corrosion proof finish, and 20 locking positions.


Are hinged handcuffs better?

Yes, hinged handcuffs are practically far superior in terms of functionality to the normal handcuffs. The pros of a hinged handcuff are: pick-proof, more restrained, and more robust, while the cons are that it is highly uncomfortable for detainees.

What are the three types of handcuffs? 

The three most common types of handcuffs are chain, hinged, and rigid bar handcuffs. The chain type is the most common one, as depicted in the movies. While hinged handcuffs are more restraining and are only used for intoxicated or highly vicious criminals. lastly, rigid bar handcuffs restrict all kinds of movements.

Do handcuffs get tighter the more you move?

No, they don’t. Modern handcuffs are made with double locking mechanisms that restrict the movement of ratchet in one place. This prevents both the tightening as well as the release of the handcuffs.

What kind of handcuffs do the FBI use? 

Similar to other law enforcement agencies, most FBI agents use the standard model handcuffs, however, based on the situation they may opt for hinge handcuffs or even zip ties.