Range Bags

Range bags or commonly known as shooting range bags, are specialized sets of bags that are used to store and transport weapons, tools, or equipment in an organized manner. Our diverse and superior range of range bags are built with the finest quality materials to bear the harshest conditions. At the same time, they offer specialized compartments for easier storage and retrieval of goods, be it weapons, ammo, cleaning kits, or other shooting gear.

Why Range bags

Although any durable bag can be used as a range bag. In truth, it is the greatest recipe for disaster. Many people even consider stuffing all their weapons, tools, and ammo in a simple cloth bag to save money. But this adds more damage to weapons and leads to more expenses in buying new goods.

An excellent range bag helps keep your shooting gear organized, separated, and easier to retrieve whenever needed. Allowing you to enjoy your shooting session with maximum ease.

Why Choose Our Tactical Range Bags

All our range bags are sourced from the finest manufacturers in the US. Built to meet and exceed the stringent military and law enforcement standards. But that doesn’t make us any better than other sellers, right?

Well, we take it a step further and retest all these goods before we ship them your way. Other than our quality standards, we prioritize standards that matter the most to our customers.

Construction & Durability: Construction and durability matter the most when selecting a range bag. Unlike ordinary bags, range bags have to bear the heavier load of your equipment in rough terrains.

Comfort: A  range bag can make a lot of difference based on how easy is it to lift and carry around. A comfortable grip helps make it more enjoyable to carry instead of being a chore.

Compatibility: compatibility matters a lot in ensuring a pleasant experience with a range bag. We understand that for you, a range bag that allows more customization space will always be preferred.

Size and Space: One size doesn’t fit all. Similarly, big doesn’t mean the best. Hence, our tactical range bags ensure the most optimal use of space.

Value: cost is and will always be the most debated part of any purchase. But it can never be a good indicator of quality. That’s why we evaluate and filter our tactical range bags based on the value they deliver rather than on cost.

Customer Feedback: We prioritize customer feedback to ensure we continue sourcing only from the best and based on what our customer prefers. At the same time, our customers are assured that they will get what they expected by availing the 30-day hassle-free returns.

We consider these checks essential as they ensure that you always get the best products.

Feature of Range Bags

Equip yourself with the ultimate range companion. Experience the most effective and stylish tactical range bags that are crafted with excellence.

Ample Storage Space

All our range bags offer ample space for holding your essential shooting gear. At the same time, its multiple-compartment design ensures that every piece of equipment gets its own space.

Durable construction

Made from sturdy synthetic material, our range bags are reinforced by stitching, heavy-duty zippers, and sturdy handles to ensure greater lifespan and reliability.

Comfortable portability

our products are crafted with ergonomic design and easy-to-carry, comfortable grip handles to ensure easier portable.

Customizable interior

Our carefully selected range bags allow interior space customization to match your diverse weapons, tools, or equipment needs.

Weather and water resistance

Water damage is, without a doubt, the biggest enemy of weapons, ammo, and equipment. Our range bags are built with weather and water-resistant properties to combat such situations and preserve them for a longer lifespan.

Our four best-selling range bags

D1 Patrol Duty Bag

Your ultimate organizational companion. Built tough with 840 denier water-resistant nylon, this bag boasts heavy-duty zippers and a removable nylon web shoulder strap. Inside, you’ll find ample space with an adjustable divider and a removable rigid bottom.

The best part is its large assortment of pockets, with two zippered cargo pockets and six pen/pencil pockets on the inside and two more zippered cargo, two flip-top, and three open-top pockets, on the outside – ensuring every item has its place.

Patrol Ready Bag

The perfect combination of durability and efficiency. Featuring an adjustable main compartment divider to better suit your gear needs, multi-organizer pockets to match your accessories needs, and a durable 600D polyester weather-resistant build to face any climate. When coupled with its heavy-duty shoulder strap and grab-and-go handle, it is perfect for all travel.

1680D Tactical Range Bag

Is the perfect example of a tactical range bag that is tough and stylish. Crafted with rugged 1680D fabric that will always have your back. Featuring three external pockets and MOLLE webbing, dual compression straps, and much more. Accompanied by SBR padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap, makes every range trip seamlessly enjoyable.


Is the premium choice if you are looking for an amazing medium-sized range bag. Engineered with durable 1050D nylon, it can carry all kinds of heavy gear. At the same time, its MOLLE compatibility makes way for all your enhancement needs. Packed with tons of perks like inner mesh, a lashing strap, and easy-to-use grab handles designed for maximum transport convenience.


What are range bags used for?

Range bags are heavy-duty bags that are commonly used to carry shooting gear to or from the shooting range. These gear typically include pistols, rifles, ammo, ear muffs, eye protection, gloves, and other accessories.

Can you use a backpack as a range bag? 

No, you shouldn’t use a backpack as a range bag, as backpacks don’t have assorted compartments for different firearm types. So, it will be much harder to grab what you want, and stuffing all firearms in a single compartment will result in greater damage to your gear.

Do I need a gun bag for the range?

Yes, as per range etiquette and safety rules, it is recommended that shooters must keep their guns stowed away at all times unless the shooter is on the firing line and ready to shoot. This stipulation makes it essential to have your gun inside your bag when going to a shooting range.

Can I use a duffel bag as a range bag?

No, a common duffel bag can’t be used as a replacement for a range bag. Range bags are more durable and offer better features like organizability, weather-resistant properties, and greater storage space to match range needs perfectly.