Handcuffs Keys

Handcuff Keys

Handcuffs are essential to functional law enforcement gear, but it is more so for the handcuff keys. It is a small yet significant tool that goes unnoticed. Most law enforcement officers, military, and security personnel tend to place great importance on handcuff but forget to do so on their keys.

As a matter of fact, it is quite common for handcuffs to become unusable due to losing the key and not because of breaking. This is quite common due to the job’s high physical nature and the key’s smaller size.

Why handcuff keys

Based on how easy it is to lose keys, having a few spare is always a good idea. So that one doesn’t end up in an embarrassing situation where the situation demands.

Furthermore, losing your handcuff keys is not the end of your problem; keys have several other issues, like breaking or deforming while in use, incompatibility with the handcuff, or the design being too difficult to use.

The good news is that modern handcuff keys cover all these bases brilliantly. From different styles like pen clip style that can be latched easily on a pocket or belt to concealed type that can help escape covertly when held in a hostage situation. Not to mention the swivel type that goes onto your key chain, allowing for amazing retention.

So, if you want both ease of use and great functionality, we recommend checking out the modern specialized/tactical handcuff keys.

Why Choose Our Handcuff Keys

At STLtactical, one can easily find tons of tactical handcuff keys that offer more than just handcuff opening functionality. Furthermore, our handcuff keys are sourced from the best manufacturers in the USA and are field-tested by us to ensure peak functionality.

High-Quality Material 

We prioritize quality and durability, as we know how frustrating it can be to see one’s key breaking inside the lock. That’s why our handcuff keys are made from robust materials that can easily withstand the rigorous demands of law enforcement and security work.

Portability and Accessibility

Our compact and portable handcuff keys are designed for quick and easy access when needed. Similarly, their functional design allows you to secure attachment to your gear for convenience.

Ease of Use

Our handcuff keys offer a simple, user-friendly design with a knurled grip for a secure hold. Ensuring that even in high-pressure situations or adverse weather conditions, you can quickly and confidently use our keys to secure or release restraints.


We are a trusted supplier known for our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service. When you choose us, you’re choosing handcuff keys you can rely on.

30-days return policy:

Although all our handcuff keys are compatible with the standard handcuff, however, in case yours has a specialized locking mechanism. You can always return it within 30 days to get a refund.

Features of Handcuff Keys

Take a look at some of the essential features our handcuff keys have to offer:

Universal Compatibility

Handcuff keys are designed to be compatible with a wide range of handcuff brands and models. They typically feature a standard key pattern that fits most handcuff locking mechanisms.

Simple Design

Handcuff keys have a straightforward design with minimal moving parts, ensuring reliability and ease of use in high-pressure situations.

Knurled Grip

Our handcuff keys feature a knurled or textured grip to provide a secure and non-slip grip for the user’s fingers, even in adverse conditions.

Keyring Attachment Hole

Our swivel handcuff keys have a small hole or attachment point to secure them to a keyring or lanyard, preventing loss and ensuring accessibility.

Double-Ended Design

Our keys feature a double-ended design, with a standard key end on one side and a pin-style end on the other. The pin end is especially handy for double-locking handcuffs or accessing concealed keyholes.

Our Best Seller:

Making the right shopping decision without a well-defined goal is hard. That’s why here are our top 4 best-selling handcuff keys to make your decision easier.

Rothco Flat Knurled Swivel Handcuff Key is the most loved choice among handcuff keys. It features an easy-to-carry ring design with a flat body for easier rotation and grip.  It is crafted with durable steel for a longer lifespan.  Moreover, it is compatible with all standard handcuffs. Regardless of your need, Rothco Flat Knurled Swivel Handcuff Key always has your back.

Boot Lace Handcuff Key: developed by a US elite unit for missions with a high risk of being captive. This highly concealed key sits right on your shoelace aglet while being near undetectable thanks to being out of hand vicinity. Constructed with durable blackened brass to prevent deforming while walking.

Rothco’s 3” Swivel handcuff key: a sturdy semi-concealed key that sits right onto your belt or key ring. Features a dual head design with a swivel ring. One end as key, while the other end helps in double locking the handcuff. Furthermore, its textured design allows an enforced grip for easy twisting when locking or unlocking the handcuffs.

Carbon fiber Handcuff Key is an oversized handcuff key for people who keep losing their keys. A proud product of Hiatt, a leading handcuff brand. Its durable carbon fiber build can bear substantial wear and tear, while its texture grip makes it more practical. Furthermore, it also offers two variants, one with a pen clip and the other with a key ring design.


Are handcuff keys universal?

Yes, most handcuff keys are universal for standard handcuffs. However, more reinforced handcuffs, such as those used for vicious criminals, require dedicated keys to open.

Where is the best place to put handcuff keys?

The best place to put handcuff keys is inside the handcuff case. However, if you want to conceal it during high-risk missions, your bootlace or shoes may be a good place.

What is the best brand of handcuff keys?

Zak Tools is the most renowned brand among the handcuff key manufacturers.