Light Pouches

No need to worry about carrying multiple tools at the same time as our leather pouches are the perfect solution to avoid all the worry. STL tactical has a vast range of leather pouches that comes in all sizes and styles to suit all your needs. Our small pouches can carry all your small tools and tactical gear like coins, keys, earbuds, etc. Large leather pouches are made to hold your smartphones, wallets, and other tactical gear.
If you are looking for a small tool pouch then our range of small tool pouches is a perfect fit for you to carry all your pieces of equipment and make them ideal for craftsmen, mechanics, and technicians. These pouches come with multiple pockets and compartments to organize all your tools and make them easily accessible. Military officers and law enforcement personnel can use our leather tactical pouches to carry all their essential tactical gear like handcuffs, magazines, radios, and other miscellaneous gear. These tactical pouches are designed to withstand all rugged conditions. We have a series of handcuff pouches that are specially designed to hold handcuffs and keep them within easy reach.
Our wide range pouches have secure closures to keep handcuffs in the exact place. Our light pouches are made from the finest quality leather to carry your flashlights and other small, lightweight items. you can attach these pouches to your belts, bags, and backpacks. Our series of leather tactical pouches also include pouches for radios and magazines. our radio pouches are designed to hold radios in an elegant way and make your communication easier. these pouches have straps of different adjustable lengths to make them easy to carry in any adventure. Made from sturdy material our magazine pouches are made to hold ammunition magazines and other related gear and you can also attach them to your belts or bags.
our leather pouches are stylish and functional at the same time and serve a variety of purposes. whether you want a small leather pouch or a bigger one, STL tactical have all shapes, sizes, and styles available so don’t worry, and buy your leather pouch bag according to your desired needs.