Leg Irons

Leg Irons

The number one skill of any military personnel, law enforcement officer, or security guard is to always remain vigilant. It is a skill to deal with any situation at a moment’s notice. But even the best of us can’t always remain vigilant, presenting an opportunity to those with devious schemes.

The best way to overcome this is by using restraints to prevent the suspect from having any. A good restraint proves to be a great partner for all law enforcement forces once the problematic situation is under control.

Among these, leg iron is one of the best types of restraint as it eliminates all kinds of escape possibilities. Typically used when the suspect is expected to try escaping or is too heinous to be left alone without any preventative measures.

Why Leg Iron:

Leg irons, more commonly known as leg shackles or leg cuffs, have a long history of being the most effective means of preventing a criminal from escaping. However, that’s not all they are used for, they are also used to ensure both the safety of the officer as well as the detainee.

A good leg iron highly restricts the mobility of the criminal, leaving no chance of outrunning the law enforcement. That is also why they are essential when transferring criminals from one place to another. Eliminating all escape opportunities due to a lapse in the vigilance of the working officer.

Why our Leg irons:

At STL Tactical, we provide only the best products that are field-tested on all aspects to prevent landing you in any embarrassing or life-threatening situations. The aspects we take into account are:

Regulatory compliance:

The use of leg cuffs is highly regulated and falls under excessive use.  They are only allowed under extreme conditions, like when transporting criminals, restraining people with high violence history, or preventing people from self-injury.  Our leg cuffs comply with regulatory guidelines to avoid any hassle.

User friendly:

Our leg shackles feature user-friendly locking mechanisms that officers can swiftly operate, even in high-pressure situations. This ensures that you can rely on our products when they matter most.


Safety is our top priority. That’s why our leg shackles come equipped with double-locking mechanisms, preventing accidental releases and tampering. You can trust that our shackles will keep the officers and the detainees safe and secure.

Corrosion resistant:

Corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of any metallic equipment, as it sharply declines the equipment’s lifespan and functionality. Our leg cuffs are made of corrosion-resistant material to prevent such scenarios.


We understand the budget constraints of law enforcement agencies. Not to worry, as although we offer top-tier quality, our pricing remains competitive, allowing you to equip your team with the best tools without breaking the bank.

Leg Iron Features:


The life expectancy and functionality of a leg iron depend heavily on its construction material. Our leg irons are made from durable steel followed by rust and temper-resistant material coating.

Security Features:

Our leg iron incorporates multiple safety features like double locks to prevent accidental tightening or releases, and its temper resistance properties make it hard to crack.

Locking mechanism:

All our leg irons feature more than 20 locking positions for an adjustable fit and a double lock mechanism to prevent the detainee from tightening the restraints.

Chain length:

Our collection of leg irons includes both small and long chain length options, so you can easily find what you need.

Temper Resistant: 

Chipping and scratching are common ways the criminal uses to get out of restraints. Not to worry, as our leg irons are designed to resist such acts even after repetitive attempts over the years.

Our bestsellers:

Model 755C Oversize Leg Iron – Color Finish: The premium option among leg/ankle cuffs. It is an oversized leg iron perfectly capable of meeting all needs. Its all-steel construction makes it capable of withstanding all kinds of wear and tear. At the same time, its EPP finish makes it both temper and corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, the color finish allows for easier identification.

Model 705C Oversize Leg Iron – Nickel Finish: Made from nickel-plated carbon steel, it is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. While its 15” chain allows small strides but prevents acts like running. At the same time, its double lock mechanism prevents the detainee from tightening the restraints further.

Model 703C 15” leg iron – Nickel Finish: A standard-size leg iron made of all steel construction, boosting durability to the next level. While its nickel-coated finish enhances its temper and corrosion-resistant properties. That is not all; it features double-pin capability, spun rivets, and 21 locking positions.

Model 700CTC-32 Dual Restraint: A dual restraint that features both leg irons and a handcuff for heinous criminals or courtrooms. It utilizes a Model 703C leg iron and Model 700C handcuff joined together by a 32” chain for limited mobility.  Other features include smoother ratcheting, reinforced lock, temper resistance, and durable nickel-plated carbon steel.


What is leg iron slang?

The leg iron slang is a commonly used term to describe leg shackles, leg cuffs, foot cuffs, and fetters.

What are feet handcuffs called?

The handcuffs of feet are called by many different names like leg cuffs, foot cuffs, fetters, leg shackles, etc.

What are leg iron made of?

The best quality leg irons are made completely of steel with a temper and corrosion-resistant finish.