Body Protection Gears

Whether you are a law enforcement officer, military personnel, a sports enthusiast, a professional shooter, or a stunt biker, you definitely need body protection gear for yourself to protect yourself from injuries and other shooting exercises. Looking for the perfect body protection armor? then look no further as STL tactical provides a vast range of body protection gears including elbow and knee guards too. These body protective gears are a must-have for riot control and cell extractions, effectively protecting the torso and shoulders from blunt force trauma with durable EVA foam. All paddings are encased in black polyester mesh rigging. Adjustable hooks and loop closures and fasteners make them easy to wear and adjust according to your body requirements.
Our body protection gears are made from durable and lightweight materials such as kevlar, carbon fiber, and ceramic plates. These body protection armors can save you from ballistic, puncture, and other impact threats. Our range of body protection armor includes full body armor, chest plates, and bulletproof vests. these body protection gears are designed to protect your vital organs like the heart, lungs, liver, etc.
Our protective body armors work by dissipating the energy of a projectile or impact over a large area hence reducing the force felt by the wearer. Our range of body protective armor is quite important for those people who work in dangerous and life-threatening environments. These body protection gears not only protect from gun shoots but also from sharp knives and needles etc and provide you maximum protection in all life-threatening conditions. Our range of body protection armor includes flexible, soft, and comfortable body protective gear so that you can wear them for long hours and in all weather conditions. This range also includes elbow and knee guards to protect your elbows and knees during heavy military operations and military exercises.
If you are a professional shooter or a hiker you definitely need these protective gears to protect yourself from potential injuries and to enjoy your adventure without any medical hindrance. With so many options available in our range of body armor protection, you can find the perfect one for yourself according to your desired needs and qualities.