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Handcuff Pouches 

Handcuffs are an essential part of every law enforcement officer’s duty gear, but, they are also quite easy to lose. Typically, when you are in highly intense skirmishes against the culprit or are on a high-speed chase.

Without a proper way to fasten or carry them, they can add a lot of obstruction. As carrying them in a pocket will restrict your movement during a chase, while a makeshift attachment may fall off mid-way.

Not to mention, handcuffs are by no means cheap. The best way to resolve any such situation is to have a handcuff case/pouch.

What is a handcuff Case:

A handcuff case or a handcuff pouch is a dedicated gear used to hold your handcuffs. It makes it easier to carry your handcuff in a safe and secure way. Furthermore, they are designed to be fixed on your belt without restricting movement.

Why our Handcuff case/pouch:

STL tactical is the go-to stop for all kinds of tactical needs. We deliver only the top quality products that deliver and exceed the promise. We ensure this by field testing each product ourselves before sending it to you. Some of the factors we test are as follows.

High-quality Material:

Regardless of how good a product may be, it can never exceed its birth quality. That is why we only source products that are made of high-quality, durable materials.


The core promise of any product is its functionality, without it, nobody needs it. We at STLtactical ensure that the product excels in terms of functionality without any defect whatsoever. So you get the best product from the get-go.

Numerous Option:

We offer a wide variety of handcuff pouches so that you can find the one that suits your needs. Whether you want a single handcuff or double handcuff design, for the standard size or oversized handcuff, or a compatible pouch based on handcuff types. We got you all covered.

MOLLE compatibility:

We understand that you want convenience and flexibility more than anything else. So, instead of making handcuff case another chore to carry, our MOLLE-compatible gear leaves your hands free.


We offer high-quality products and tons of budget-friendly options that provide you with the highest value without compromising quality.

30-days return policy:

We promise only the best products that match your needs. That is why we offer a 30-day return policy to ensure that you are completely satisfied with all your purchases.

Features of Handcuff case:

Here are some of the most common yet essential features that you will find in our handcuff cases.

Retention system: 

A good retention system is a must for any good handcuff case as it ensures that your handcuffs remain secured without any chance of losing them in between.

Abrasion Resistant:

Our handcuff pouches are made from abrasion-resistant material that ensures greater resilience against wear and tear and a longer lifespan. Similarly, they also prevent the handcuff from getting scratched.


An essential feature of any good handcuff pouch is that it provides ease of attachment to your duty gear. Making it easy to carry around as well as give a quick access in times of need.

Ergonomic Quick Access: 

We understand the importance of immediate response in times of urgent need. That is why our handcuff pouches are designed with ergonomic quick access design that allows comfortable yet quick withdrawal of handcuffs.

Our Best Sellers:

Finding the right handcuff pouch from the large number of options available can be hard. Here are our top 4 best sellers among handcuff pouches to make your selection easier.

Model 8017 Double Handcuff Case – Patroltek: is made from durable 600D that is resistant to wear and tear. It is perfectly capable of holding two standard-size handcuffs at the same time. Furthermore, its sleek design and durable construction make it a stylish and reliable choice for law enforcement professionals. It features a dual loop design for a great fit on your duty belt.

Model 290 Double handcuff pouch: a versatile and robust handcuff pouch that can easily accommodate two chain-style handcuffs or a single cuff with surgical gloves. It is crafted from durable SafariLaminate material that is a reliable choice for law enforcement professionals. Compatible with 2.25-inch (58mm) duty belts.

Molle Handcuff Taco: is known for its versatile design that accommodates various handcuff brands and styles, even the oversized ones. Making it perfect for law enforcement professionals. Furthermore, it offers an HSGI clip for easy attachment to PALS webbing.

Fobus, Belty Case, Handcuff/Mag Combo: If you are a fan of tactical equipment that offers more than common features, then this one is for you. It is a handcuff case that allows you to store both your magazines and a handcuff in a single case. Easy to attach on the belt with a retention screw for a secure hold and rubberized paddle backing for extra stability.


What is a double handcuff case?

A double handcuff case is a special type of handcuff case that allows you to store 2 pair of handcuff at the same time.

Do cops carry more than one set of handcuffs?

Yes, although cops must carry at least one set of handcuffs, most cops do carry around two handcuffs. In cases where the physique of the suspect is too big to be detained by a single handcuff. In such case, two handcuffs are used, with one end of each handcuff locking one hand while the other side of the handcuff are used to connect them both. Making a makeshift double handcuff with twice the length.