Tactical Headlamp

Be Prepared for Anything with STL Tactical Deals’ Tactical Headlamps

Experience the true power of tactical head lamps, also referred to as military head lamps or army headlamps. At STL Tactical Deals, we provide the best tactical headlamps that are specially designed for hands-free operation. This makes them an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, hunters, military personnel, law enforcement, first responders, and anyone else who needs durable, high-performance illumination for active lifestyles and demanding professions and stores conveniently in the backpacks.

We source tactical headlamps that are engineered with advanced technology and premium materials to produce extremely bright, long-lasting light output. The hands-free illumination enables you to safely traverse rugged terrain, set up camp, perform repairs, read maps, and carry out detailed work in low-light conditions. The long battery life, waterproof construction, and impact resistance of our headlamps ensure they will thrive through tough adventures and extreme environments.

What do Our Tactical Headlamps Offer

Great Illumination: Tactical headlamps, like those from Princeton Tec, are equipped with high-lumen outputs that deliver brilliant and extended visibility in demanding scenarios.

Versatile Lighting Options: With multiple lighting modes, including various brightness levels, strobe, and SOS signals, our headlamps offer flexibility to suit any situation. You can easily switch between close-range or wide beam simulation as needed.

Adjustable Beam Direction: Our headlamps feature an adjustable tilting mechanism, ensuring you can direct the light precisely where you need it without straining your neck. This feature is perfect for a number of outdoor activities.

Night Vision Preserved: Some of our tactical headlamps include a red filter option, which helps protect your night vision and reduces the risk of detection in stealth operations.

Robust Waterproof and Shockproof Build: Our tactical headlamps are built to withstand the harshest conditions. They are both waterproof and shockproof with an IPX4 rating, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments.

Designed for the brave, built for the bold. Experience the best in tactical lighting with STL Tactical Deals!


What is the brightest headlamp available?

The Thrunite TH30 v2 claims to produce 3320 lumens from a single battery, making it one of, if not the brightest 18650 headlamps.

What’s the recommended lumen range for a hiking headlamp?

A headlamp with 250 to 500 lumens typically offers sufficient illumination for safe hiking at a regular pace. For a comfortable and well-prepared hiking experience, consider carrying tactical headlamp.

Why do headlamps use red lights?

Red light is employed in headlamps due to its less disruptive effect compared to traditional white light. The gentle nature of red light aids in a cyclist’s adjustment to this colour during nighttime use.

What’s the best headlamp for mountaineering?

For general mountaineering purposes, an ideal headlamp would have a brightness of 200-300 lumens, this level of brightness allows for clear visibility.

Do LED bulbs include high beams?

LED headlight beams can illuminate dark roadways 25% further than their halogen counterparts.