Tactical Innovations, Fake Suppressor, 22LR, Blue Finish

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Want the suppressor look without all the paperwork hassle and transfer tax expenses? Tactical Innovations' .22 LR Fake Suppressor is as close to a real suppressor as you can get without paying the tax stamp. Its CNC precision machined from solid aluminum with a durable hard black anodized finish and its professionally laser engraved identically to their real NFA registered suppressors. Since its a fake suppressor, the sound is not reduced and bullet impact is not changed. Many customers do prefer the weight and balance improvement that the suppressor provides. It's perfect for use on a Walther P22 with one of Tactical Innovations' Walther Thread Adapter Assemblies and will work on any .22LR rifle or pistol that has the barrel threaded 1/2x28 TPI.


  • Matte black anodized finish
  • Laser engraved
  • T6 aircraft grade aluminum

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