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Transform your firearm with our high-quality fake suppressors. it is designed to mimic the look and feel of real suppressors. our product offers a cost-effective and safe alternative for those looking to enhance the beauty of their weapon. Made with durable materials, our fake suppressors are built to bear even the toughest conditions and deliver a long-lasting and reliable performance. Our 22lr fake suppressor with a classic blue finish is the best option for you. if you want that suppressor look without all the paperwork difficulty and transfer tax expenses.

This suppressor is as close to a real suppressor as you can get without paying the tax stamp. its CNC precision machined from solid aluminum with a durable hard black anodized finish. It's professional laser engraved identically to the real NFA suppressors. Since this is a fake suppressor, the sound is not reduced and the bullet impact is not changed at all. Many customers do prefer the weight and balance improvements that this suppressor provides.

It's perfect for use on a Walther P22m with one of the tactical innovations'walther thread adapter assemblies. It will work on any 22LR rifle or pistol that has the barrel threaded 1/2 TPI. This fake suppressor does not allow any debris to enter your firearm. It's easy to install and require no permanent changing to your weapon. it is a hassle-free process. with fast and reliable shipping you can have your new fake suppressor in your hands in no time. upgrade your firearm today with our high-quality fake suppressors.

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