Model 104 High Security Chain-Linked Handcuffs

Model 104 High Security Chain-Linked Handcuffs

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The Smith & Wesson model 104 maximum security nickel finish handcuffs. For high risk transfers. Specially designed key and keyhole bushing. Will not open with standard handcuff key. A warded lock and a smaller keyhole greatly increase security. MEETS NIJ STANDARD 0307.01


  • Wrist Opening: 2.04
  • First Notch Inside Perimeter: 8.40
  • Last Notch Inside Perimeter: 5.80
  • Tightest Inside Width: 1.80
  • Weight: 10.0 oz
  • Locking Positions: 23
  • Distance Between Cuffs: 2.00
  • Maximum Overall Length: 8.98
  • Two Special Keys Included
  • Maximum Security
  • Slot Lock Double Locking Mechanism
  • Two Special Keys Included
  • Available in Nickel Finish
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